WPSL (Women’s Premier Soccer League)


WPSL (Women’s Premier Soccer League) is a summer league designed primarily for college level players and post college players, many of whom have aspirations to play professionally.  We are delighted to be able to host a team at BC United for the Summer of 2022 and beyond!

This is a fantastic opportunity for many of our BC United players – both those alumni who continue to play at a high level, as well as our aspiring high school aged players who might one day be ready themselves to play at the WPSL level.  We are excited about providing this elite, capstone experience for the many talented young women in our community who have (and will continue) to develop into top level players at BC United.

We will compete in the Rockies division of the Mountain Conference along with 4 other local WPSL teams.

WPSL Schedule

Check out our schedule and purchase tickets by clicking here or the button below! Our home games are held at Christian Recht Field, which is shared by Boulder High School.


1604 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80302



First of all, we’d love your support!  We are hopeful that our whole community will get behind our WPSL team in the months ahead.  In addition to the ability to see top level women’s soccer here in our community this summer, we are also eager to provide opportunities for our young players to meet, train with, and be mentored by the women on the WPSL roster this summer.  Keep your eye out for unique opportunities to engage with the WPSL players – e.g., camps, kick-arounds, meet-and-greet sessions, and invitations to observe practices and matches.  We anticipate a blend of players on the roster from our local community, across Colorado, and indeed, the entire US. The WPSL is a national league that attracts some of the best amateur talent in the country as well as some international players… and we have a franchise here in Boulder County, coached by members of our own BC United staff.  Exciting news!


The second thing we need is your consideration about whether or not your family might be interested in hosting one of our WPSL players for about 8 weeks this summer.  As noted, we will have players joining us on the roster from all over the US and, quite likely, from other countries.  The players coming into town for the summer are eager to share life in Boulder County with local families. And conversely, we are doing what we can to make this experience affordable for the players, many of whom are college students, living away from home, chasing dreams of playing professionally on their own dime.  If you have accommodations in your home (or know of other such properties) that would work for one (or more) of the WPSL players, we’d love to hear from you.  Know that it would make all the difference for these players and, in return, we are sure that your family will thoroughly enjoy the chance to add a “big sister” in your house for a few weeks this summer.  

Please reach out to Club Administrator Marelize Schaefer (m.schaefer@bcunited.com) if you’d be open to receiving more information from us about what this entails, our steps to mitigate against the spread of Covid throughout the WPSL experience, and other information pertaining to the program, the women who will join us this summer and our enthusiasm to share this elite level soccer with our community.


Steph Hempen

Co-Head Coach

Jeff Frykholm

Co-Head Coach

Bill Hempen

Assistant Coach

Carlos Real

Assistant Coach

Jessica Guitar


Marelize Schaefer

Club Administration

Peter Buchholz