Soccer For Life Foundation


The Soccer for Life Foundation is a non-profit entity that is driven by the desire to use soccer as a platform through which the lives and future pathways of young people may be enriched. The leadership group of the Foundation envisions a day in which, through creative programming, fundraising, and community education, all young people in our community have access to the transformative power of sport as a fundamental element of their lives.

The belief system that forms the basis of the organization includes the following key statements. We believe that:

  • Sport (soccer) participation is an equity issue;
  • Soccer contexts build and support skills that can transfer to life;
  • Soccer participation can strengthen the mental health, physical health, and social connectedness of young people;
  • Sport (soccer) structures and systems matter;
  • Soccer impacts the lives of young people both today and into the future.

Based on these beliefs, the key elements of the mission of the Soccer for Life Foundation include:

  • Eliminating barriers to participation in youth soccer;
  • Creating culturally-responsive programs that welcome young people from all corners of our community;
  • Building spaces for young people to experience “street soccer” in physically safe and psychologically supportive environments;
  • Providing a conduit for players to transition from grassroots to organized soccer;
  • Educating players, coaches, and families about the ways in which skills developed in the context of soccer can transfer to their lives.

We invite you to join the efforts of Foundation in the months ahead as we focus particularly on providing access to organized soccer for all, enhancing opportunities for girls, in particular, to participate in soccer, and creating financial scholarships for those families in our community for whom soccer participation may be economically elusive.

Stay tuned… important work ahead! We look forward to your encouragement and interest in the Soccer For Life Foundation.

Jeff Frykholm