Please review the Boulder County United fee information below. We aim to share costs and provide a detailed breakdown of what is provided in our player registration fees across various programs and levels. As stated in the title, these fees are all-inclusive, meaning they include tournament fees, indoor training, and all the costs associated with playing soccer in Colorado.

Our club continues to work diligently and creatively to find solutions to offset the ever-increasing costs associated with providing a youth soccer experience in our area.  We are pleased to announce that there will be no increases in our registration fee structure for the 2022-23 season. Part of what makes a non-profit organization like BC United thrive is a close partnership with our membership, working together to grow the culture and impact of the club.  One way we are seeking to do so is by adding a $75 volunteer fee to the registration cost as a way to support programming in the club that exists outside of the traditional team experience. If you would rather donate your time at one of our events (e.g., tournaments, camps, etc.), the club will reimburse you for the $75 volunteer fee, or you may donate that reimbursement toward support of our Financial Assistance Program.