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The BC United Academy represents the highest standard of play and dedication in BC United. This Academy Program is designed for the most talented and committed players to receive high-quality training in an environment where enthusiasm for and a commitment to the game is nurtured and rewarded.


Within the U13-U15 Academy age groups, players are continuing along their developmental path toward becoming an elite youth player. All of the habits, attitudes, and playing standards introduced earlier in their careers are heavily reinforced as they work toward taking the next step in their soccer career by progressing through the ranks at BC United.


The U16-U19 levels in the Academy, players are prepared technically, tactically, physically, and psychologically to compete at the very highest level. The balance between development and end product is more evident here as we prepare our teams for successful playing careers in college and potentially beyond.


The intention is to limit the number of participating players to approximately 36 players per age group. Players are offered the opportunity to accelerate their development by competing on a weekly basis in the highest appropriate CSA league and participate in various tournaments including showcases and State/Presidents Cup(s).

BE CURIOUS …not judgmental
If you have watched Ted Lasso you know the scene as he describes how people have always underestimated him and if they had only been CURIOUS and asked questions they would know he was a very good darts player.
This struck me deeply as I know I have found myself judging or making assumptions about people and situations where I ended up being misguided.. Assumptions about people, ideas or concepts are really about not really caring to take the time to understand why something or someone acts or behaves in a way, or why they want me to do something a specific way.
As the new director for our Girls Academy Program, I wanted to have a theme, a slogan or motto that will start us connecting to others not only within our teams and club but also within the Boulder community as well as the overall soccer community.
BE CURIOUS …not judgmental
How can we BE CURIOUS:
  1. Ask questions:
    1. Of your teammates: what do they like, what pets do they have, do you have siblings, what other activities do you do, why are you sad today, why are you happy today…?
    2. Of your clubmates: what team are you on, what position do you play, who is your coach, where do you go to school, why do you play soccer…
    3. Of your opponents: this maybe is questions within ourselves – did she have a bad day, is she nervous about losing, is this a new position for her, is there someone pushing her too hard…things to make them think about the other teams in a way that makes them have empathy, kindness and a little more understanding that they too are soccer players and there are many reasons why the other team may not “be nice”. It may not be they are “not nice” it may just be they are having a bad moment or day etc.
    4. Of your coach: why are we doing this exercise, why does he/she want me to play with my left foot, why am I in this position, why at this part of the game should I take my time to get the ball…BE CURIOUS about the game and the WHY’s of it all.
  2. Watch/interact with other teams within your age group and other age groups.
  3. When you see another clubmate say hello – how are you?
  4. When you see another soccer player at school, the store etc. say hello – what team do you play for etc.
My goal is to help get these girls to understand that soccer is a common bond between us all and that instead of making assumptions because someone is on another team or another club maybe you have more in common than you think. Within the club, too often when a player is on a different team, either they sometimes give off the impression they are much better than others or the opposite and don’t feel good enough and thus no interactions are had about the common ground of same club but most importantly the love of the game that they are both playing.
Finding common ground and building each other up as there is room enough for everyone to be successful. The more we can give to others the more we grow as players and most importantly people.
We will all be getting this quote put on the grey training top right sleeve. I am asking you as coaches for the Girls Academy Program for your support and help.  We will need to have all the girls bring their grey tops back to us (put your name on the inside collar) to get it screened on by one of our members who is helping with this. We are having a BE CURIOUS small sided day on July 30,  EBCC 9-11am, where they can bring their tops to get the words put on the tops while also playing mixed age group small sided games with drinks and snacks etc. If you can make it great. I do hope to have the oldest girls help organize and just let them play and kick off our upcoming season with a fun interactive day. We will have some snacks and water for everyone.
I do hope we can help these girls to believe in themselves as well as their clubmates. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.
Thank you,
Stephanie Hempen

Steph Hempen

U13-U19 Girls Academy Director


The DPL provides top level competition in our regional Mountain West Division as well as on a national level; giving our girls an opportunity for exposure and to play at the next level.


The Development Player League represents the very highest level of soccer within our Girls Academy Program. Our U13-19 Academy Steel teams will represent BC United in the Development Player League while also competing within the CSA events. 


The Development Player League runs from Nov-March including 2 showcase opportunities in January and June.  We will compete  in the Mountain West Conference with opponents from Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico. Depending upon expansion we plan for 10-14 DPL league matches that include 2-3 travel game weekends with the other games being home games. This would end up being around 18 total games (14 home/away league and 6 showcase matches). If your team qualifies for Nationals, this will take place in June 2023.


If offered a spot on one of our U13-19 Academy Steel teams, this will also mean you will represent BC United in the Development Player League. 


Please note – there will be no conflicts with high-school soccer.


Check out the DPL WEBSITE for more information on the platform.


Please contact steph.hempen@bcunited.com if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our DPL program.


Dave Carver

Technical Director