Board of Directors

Don Altman


Rachel Barack


Ashkan Angha

Vice President

Kevin Gilbert


Jen Beamer

Executive Director

Peter Ambrose


Jennifer Fox


Ben Jones


Jeanette Scotti Millar


Carlos Real


BC United Board of Directors Duties and Powers

Duties and Powers of the Board of Directors. All of the affairs of BC United shall be managed by the Board of
Directors in accordance with these Bylaws. The duties of the Board may include the following:

1. Hire an Executive Director and otherwise provide for the operation and management of the Club.
2. Oversee the operations of the Club in accordance with the Bylaws and in a manner consistent
with the bylaws of the National and State Association(s) with which it is affiliated.
3. Establish fees for the services provided by the Club, approve the annual budget of the Club, and
oversee the financial affairs of the Club.
4. Provide fields and a system for the registration of players, teams, coaches, and referees in support
of the Club’s programs.
5. Communicate with members, the media, the state, regional, and national bodies, as appropriate,
regarding the Club’s programs and operations.
6. Formulate programs to promote and improve the quality of soccer in the Boulder area, including
player, coach, and referee programs.
7. Manage and operate local tournaments.
8. Assist the state bodies in their efforts to organize and host national and regional competitions.
9. Provide insurance programs for the membership and the Officers, Directors, and employees of
the Club.
10. Fund raising.
11. Hear appeals, if any, after review by the Appeals Committee.
12. Render final decisions, in consultation with the Executive Director, regarding the business
operations of the Club.
13. Act upon recommendations by the Executive Director.
14. Formulate, interpret, and enforce rules and regulations of the Club that may be necessary to
successfully operate the Club in addition to these Bylaws.